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May 07, 2019 2 min read

It is a common saying, “We are what we eat” and it is true. Whatever we eat affects us and we can not deny the fact. If we eat food full of fats, then it makes us obese and if we eat nutritious food then it makes us healthy. Nutritious food also has a great effect on our skin and hair. We should eat those food that are rich in vitamins and minerals. To achieve a glowing skin, we need to eat food that provides complete nutrition. The research has proved that people who have a healthy and balanced diet have glowing, radiant and wrinkle free skin. We have rounded up 5 food that make your skin gorgeous. Let’s have a look at them.

5 food to eat for glowing skin at the Bella Project

  • Milk:

We get great supply of essential nutrients and vitamins by just drinking a glass of milk. This drink is quite beneficial for bones, muscles, all body organs and most importantly skin. It contains vitamin B, vitamin B12, calcium, iron and phosphorous. All of these nutrients make the skin glowing and healthy. The milk also contains enzymes and lactic acid that smooth the skin and act as exfoliant. 

  • Avocado:

Avocado contains so many nutrients but most importantly they have Vitamin C and Vitamin E. They also contain healthy fats that are beneficial for functioning of organs and keeping skin healthy and smooth. The vitamin C in avocado helps to create collagen that makes skin healthy, smooth and wrinkle free whereas the vitamin E with its striking antioxidant property remove toxins from the skin. You must eat half avocado a day for a perfect glowing skin.


  • Fish:

Your dish should always have a fish as they are quite beneficial for our health. Fish like anchovies, sardines and salmon enhance the condition and health of the skin. They are rich in omega acid and dimethylaminoethanol that acts as an ant-aging agent and reduces fine lines and wrinkles. The oils present in the fish make the skin smooth, soft and give your skin the best glow you can ever get.


  • Eggs:

Eggs are the best choice of breakfast and they should be consumed daily. One should not miss the yolk and it the whole egg as it contains huge amount of Vitamin B and biotin. These nutrients protect the skin from rashes, dryness and UV rays. They also help to soften and hydrate the skin as they contain essential amino acids.

  • Tomatoes:

Tomato other name can be skins best friend because they contain huge amount of anti-oxidant, anti-aging and anti-tanning agents that are best for your skin. Eating them daily in your diet will make your skin radiant and your skin will thank us for the glow. Moreover, the ingredients in tomato fight against acne and prevent the skin from sagging.


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