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May 06, 2019 3 min read

7 Things that happen when you steam your face

Ever since I was young, my mom used to tell me great benefits of face steaming and how she has been doing it for several years, but I never pay heed to it. As I became older, I started noticing that my skin was becoming dull and dry. I tried a lot of things but none of them worked. One day, I asked my colleague how her skin was so perfect, and she just replied, “Facial steaming”. And I got the answer of all my skin problems.

Facial steaming is also known as facial sauna. The technique is to let the skin absorb steam into your face for 5-10 minutes. The steaming is done by using a steamer or a bowl of hot water. If you are doing it at home, then you can put a towel on your head, so you can get maximum benefits from steaming.

Benefits of Facial Steaming:

Facial steaming has a lot of benefits and you must know all of them, so you should know its importance and never stop doing it. The benefits are as follows:


Facial Sauna deeply cleanses the skin. When you steam you face the steam opens the pores and you can easily remove the dirt and the bacteria from your skin using a scrub. The steaming also helps to remove dead skin cells from upper layer of the skin.

Increase in blood circulation:

With the help of steam, the blood vessels in the skin becomes dilated and the circulation becomes fast. Increased circulation has a really great effect on the skin as it delivers oxygen to it and nourish it as well. It also helps to achieve the perfect glow.

Fight against acne:

If you are dealing with acne problem, then facial sauna is best for you. The steam opens up the pores making bacteria, dead skin cells, oil and dirt easier to remove. The pores are not clogged anymore, and your skin becomes clear and acne free.

Absorption of other skin care products:

When you steam your face the permeability of the skin increases a lot. The permeability helps the skin to absorb oil or other skin care products making your skin better. As the pores are opened, they absorb the products quite efficiently.

Provides Hydration:

The steaming also helps in increasing the oil production which moisturizes the face and keeps the skin hydrated.

Removal of Blackheads and Whiteheads:

As mentioned earlier, the steam opens up the pore and makes thing easier to remove. When the pores are opened, they provide lubrication to remove the sebum and thus helps in removing blackheads and whiteheads quite easily.

An affordable and accessible relaxing treatment:

Steaming helps to relax the mind as it has a soothing effect. The best part about steaming is that it can be done at home and you don’t even need to spend a few bucks. You just need a towel and hot water and nothing else. For those who want a continued stream of steam that can also be used as an essential oil diffuser, there are cute face steamers available on the market. Here at the Bella project, we have one amazing Vapora that also ionize your skin. You can discover it in our shop by clicking the link here.