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Beautiful Food for Beautiful Skin

Your Instantly Downloadable Guide to Glowing Skin eBook

Beautiful Food for Beautiful Skin eBook for Instant Download

We've all heard the mantra "beautiful skin starts from within", right? So, uh, why do we not pay attention to it? We fill our bodies with junk food then complain when pimples pop up and our skin's glow goes out. Makes zero sense!


So here at The Bella Project, we've put together this food for glowing skin eBook to show you that good food = good skin. It's crammed with handy hints, tasty tips and a lip-smacking list (we love a list) of foods that are good for your skin. It's your recipe for better nourishing your body to get your complexion back on track.

What's inside our best foods for skin guide?
  • Your guide to the major causes of skin damage
  • A friendly intro! Well hellooo, glow-getter!
  • The 22 best foods to eat for a *wow* complexion
  • Quick (but important!) tips for healthier skin
  • Aaannd it's an instant download so you can start right away!


In the age of pouting, posing and playing up to the camera on Insta, we put waaay too much emphasis on outward appearances. We don't think enough about what we're putting into our bodies or truly consider how our eating habits impact our skin. But wouldn't you rather radiate a genuine, natural glow than Photoshop your way to perfection??


Beautiful Food for Beautiful Skin eBook for Instant Download 


Sure you would! So let this food for healthy skin eBook be your beauty guru! It'll teach you how to cook and snack your way to super skin with fresh, scrumptious foods that are loaded with nourishing vitamins and minerals. The list will get your complexion glowing (and your mouth watering) and *hopefully* inspire you to feed your skin with pure, natural goodness. This is one beauty eBook that should definitely be on your menu!